How to Migrate MDaemon to Office 365 Account?

Looking to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 account easily? Well, you’re in luck! Utilize this automated solution compatible with all latest Windows OS. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to the perfect tool to import MDaemon to Office 365. This software allows you to transfer emails from MDaemon to Office 365 directly, eliminating the need for any import-export processes. With the help of MDaemon Migrator, you can move emails from MDaemon account to Office 365 effortlessly.

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User Query: I’ve been using MDaemon for my business emails, and now I’m considering to move to Microsoft 365. Could you suggest a solution that allows me to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 but without losing any data?

What is MDaemon?

MDaemon is an email server software developed by Alt-N Technologies, designed to provide businesses with a reliable and feature-rich platform for email communication. It functions as a mail server, managing the sending, receiving, and storage of email messages within an organization. Organizations often choose to migrate from MDaemon to Office 365 for various reasons.

Reasons to Migrate MDaemon to Office 365 Account?

Cloud-based Solution: Office 365, being a cloud-based platform, allows users to access their emails, documents, and collaborative tools from anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexibility and convenience.

Productive Tools: Another crucial consideration is the comprehensive suite of productivity tools that Office 365 offers, including but not limited to Word, Excel, and Teams. The integration of these applications within a single platform streamlines the workflow.

Auto Update: Office 365 offers automatic updates and maintenance, reducing the burden on IT departments for system upkeep. This is in contrast to self-hosted MDaemon solutions, where organizations may need to manage server maintenance and updates manually.

Transfer Emails from MDaemon to Office 365 Mailbox

MDaemon Migration tool is a highly recommended solution for individuals and organizations who are looking to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 accounts. Known for its accuracy and speed, this program is compatible with both Windows OS and Windows Servers. The tool has been designed with very simple user interface. You just need to follow few steps to import MDaemon emails to Office 365. This cost-effective solution guarantees a secure and complete conversion with minimal technical knowledge required. Plus, it allows you to transfer complete data from MDaemon account to Office 365, including emails, attachments and all email attributes.

As a trusted and reliable option, it has the capability to address number of challenges, providing the best solution to transfer MDaemon email to Office 365 with attachments without any limitations. Before getting into the features, let’s explore how this solution can streamline and simplify your MDaemon to Office 365 migration process.

Steps to Migrate MDaemon to Office 365 Account are as follows:

  1. Start by downloading and installing MDaemon to Office 365 Migrator.
  2. Now, click on Open>> Email Servers>> MDaemon Files.
  3. Next, upload the required files and preview the emails.
  4. Then go to Export tab and choose Office 365 option.
  5. Finally, enter the login details of Office 365 account and hit the Save button.migrate MDaemon to Office 365

This is how you can easily migrate MDaemon to Office 365 account.

Amazing Features of MDaemon to Office 365 Migration Tool

Bulk Migration: This tool can effortlessly handle batch conversion of emails. It allows users to efficiently import multiple MDaemon emails to Office 365 accounts simultaneously. This convenient feature streamlines the process, enabling the seamless transfer of number of MDaemon emails in one go.

Preserve Email Properties: While transferring MDaemon emails to Office 365 account, this tool preserves all email properties, guaranteeing a secure and seamless outcome. The integrity of email attributes remains intact throughout the process, ensuring a safe and secure migration experience.

Compatible with Windows: This application operates exclusively on Windows systems. It is compatible with all Windows OS versions, including the latest Windows 11, 10, 8, and earlier versions. This broad compatibility ensures that users can effortlessly execute the migration of MDaemon to Office 365 account without any operating system constraints.

Simple Interface: The software features a user-friendly graphical interface, making it accessible for users of all technical proficiencies. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a non-technical user, this software lets you migrate MDaemon to Office 365 without any extra efforts.


For those who are looking for a reliable solution to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 account, the complete step-by-step process has been provided in the above blog. It guides users through a quick and uncomplicated MDaemon to Office 365 migration process that can be achieved with just a few straightforward clicks. If any uncertainties arise or assistance be required, do not hesitate to reach out to our technical experts for support and guidance.

It is suggested to download the free demo version of the tool. This free software allows you to check the complete functionality and operation of the software. Additionally, users have the capacity to migrate 10 items from each folder. If you find this application aligns with your requirements, you can upgrade it to the licensed version for unlimited migration capabilities.

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