How to Migrate Kerio to Gmail Account?

Introduction: If you are looking to migrate Kerio to Gmail, then you might get worried as the migration process could be troublesome. But don’t worry! The good news is that with the right tools and steps, you can quickly migrate emails, contacts, and calendars from Kerio to Gmail without losing any data. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to import Kerio emails to Gmail account using Kerio Migrator for Windows. By following few simple steps, you can enjoy the benefits of using Gmail while maintaining all your essential data.

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Now a days, emails have become an essential part for personal and professional use. However, with the increased technology, there are so many email platforms available for the users. And that is why it is becoming very common for users to migrate from one platform to other to enjoy better features and productivity. Gmail has become a popular choice for many users due to its advanced features, seamless integration with other Google apps, and excellent security features.

Overview of Kerio Mail

Kerio is a popular email and messaging software that has been designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. It is known for its advanced features and user-friendly interface, making it a popular choice among users who are looking for a comprehensive email management system. Kerio offers several useful features that are designed to make email management more efficient and streamlined.

Reasons for Kerio to Gmail Migration

Due to advanced features and cost effectiveness, lots of users are looking to migrate Kerio to Gmail account. Few reasons are listed below:

Better Collaboration: Gmail offers collaborative features such as real-time co-authoring, commenting, and file sharing that can enhance team productivity and efficiency.

More Customization Options: It allows users to customize their email interface, theme, and notification settings according to their preferences.

Advanced Search Capabilities: Gmail has a powerful search feature that allows users to search for specific emails using various criteria such as sender, subject, date, and keywords. This can save users a lot of time when looking for specific email in their inbox.

Cost-effective: It is a cost-effective solution for businesses as it offers a range of plans to suit different needs and budgets, including a free plan for personal use and a paid plan for business use.

Gmail’s robust security features and collaboration capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations.

Instant Solution to Migrate Kerio to Gmail

Migrating from Kerio to Gmail account can be a complex and challenging process, and the risk of data loss during the transfer can be high if you are using any manual way. However, there is a reliable and efficient solution to this problem. You can use Kerio to Gmail Migrator, an automated tool that can help to move all your emails in single process. This tool has been tested and verified by IT admins and experts and provides you a high level of accuracy and reliability. You can also use this tool to extract attachments from Kerio mailbox.

One of the key advantages of using this tool is that it eliminates the risk of data loss during the migration process. By using this software, users can ensure that all the data is transferred to Gmail mailbox without any corruption. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface that makes the process fast and easy. Users can download and install the tool on their system and start the process immediately.

Steps to Import Kerio Emails to Gmail with Attachments are as follows:

Step 1. Download and Install Kerio to Gmail Migration tool into your PC.

Step 2. Next, click on Open>> Email Servers>> Kerio Files. Now, choose the desired option to upload the files.

Step 3. Then, preview the files that you have added into the panel. Also, apply filters for selective conversions.

Step 4. Now, click on Export tab and choose Gmail from the given options to migrate Kerio to Gmail.

Step 5. Lastly, enter the login credentials and hit the Save button to export the files.

Prime Features of Automated Tool

Unlimited Mailbox Migration: If you are having large number of files that you want to migrate from Kerio to Gmail, then it might be challenging if you want to do it manually. For bulk migration, use this recommended solution. It enables users to transfer unlimited mailboxes from Kerio to Gmail without any size limitations. This means that users can migrate their entire email database, regardless of its size without any complex steps.

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Standalone Utility: It is a self-contained tool utility that operates independently, without the need for any external applications. This makes the process faster and more efficient, as users can migrate Kerio to Gmail without relying on other software or tools. You can also customize the migration settings to suit your specific requirements, and can monitor the progress of the migration in real-time.

Import Kerio to Gmail Directly: Kerio to Gmail Import Wizard provides a direct option for migrating data from Kerio to Gmail. This means that you can transfer all your emails, contacts, and calendars directly from Kerio to Gmail without any intermediate steps. The tool takes care of the entire migration process, from start to finish, ensuring that the transfer is completed effortlessly.


In conclusion, we have discussed the secure way to migrate Kerio to Gmail using Yota Kerio Migration Tool. The tool is equipped with advanced algorithms that makes the migration process smooth without losing a single bit of data.

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One of the notable features of the Kerio to Gmail Migrator is its high level of security. It uses encryption technology to protect all login information for your Gmail account. Moreover, the tool offers a free demo version, which allows users to test its capabilities and working features. After getting satisfied with the demo version, you can buy the pro version of the software.

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