How to Import PST to Google Workspace? – Best 2 Methods

Summary: How do I import PST to Google Workspace account? If you have the same query and still finding the solution for this. Then this blog will guide you on how to import PST file to Google Workspace.

Well, it is common to switch from desktop-based clients to cloud services to get more advanced features and access to data anytime. Nowadays users are looking for a way to move data from Outlook to Google Workspace.

So, if you are thinking that is it possible to upload Outlook PST file to Google Workspace account, the answer is yes. When you know the best technique, you can smoothly accomplish this task in simple steps.

In today’s post, you will learn how to import PST to Google Workspace without Outlook or with Outlook. In the end, you can pick any method that suits you best.

Method 1: Transfer PST File to Google Workspace Without MS Outlook

You can use PST File Converter Tool on your Windows system for quick and accurate results. It allows its users to directly upload Outlook data file to Google Workspace accounts. Plus, it does not need any other application to perform this task.

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The software is able to upload multiple PST files at the same time without data loss. Moreover, if you want to transfer only a specific item from Outlook PST, you can use the search box. Here, you can enter a specific keyword and transfer only selective data items.

It is a fully Windows-based utility that you can successfully download and install on your Windows 11, 10, etc. Moreover, it works with both machines 32-bit and 64-bit

Steps to Import PST to Google Workspace without Outlook are;

Step 1. Install the PST conversion tool and go to the Open.

launch pst converter wizard

Step 2. Click Email Data Files and select Outlook PST files.

select pst

Step 3. Preview all PST file data elements and apply filters.

apply filters

Step 4. Now, click Export and select IMAP from the saving options.

import pst to google workspace

Step 5. Enter your account credentials and click on the Save button to start the import process.

import pst file to google workspace

Once the task of uploading Outlook data to Google Workspace is completed, you will get the pop-up message on the screen. Now, sign in to your account and review the imported data.

Important Features of the Outlook PST File Conversion Tool

Clear Interface: The software has a simple and easy-to-understand interface. Any normal computer user now can easily import PST file to Google Workspace directly without any technical background.

Independent Utility: With this tool, it is easy for anyone to import PST to Google Workspace without Outlook. Yes, you do not need any application on the system in order to start the process.

Bulk Import: If you have multiple PST files and want to transfer them at once, then this tool also does this. It allows you to add and import the bulk of PST files directly to the Google Workspace account.

Wide Compatibility: No matter whether your PST file is created or exported from which Microsoft Outlook version. It supports PSTs of Outlook 2021, 2016, 2013, and other earlier editions. Apart from that, it works well with all the latest versions of MS Windows including Windows 11.

Support Multiple Formats: The conversion tool also offers multiple email formats for saving PST files on the desktop. Users can convert PST to MBOX format, PST to CSV, and many more.

Support IMAP: The software offers IMAP as a saving option. By this, you can easily import PST to Gmail / G Suite, PST to Office 365 account, PST to Yahoo Mail, and many more cloud email accounts.

Method 2: Upload PST file to Google Workspace Using Outlook

Before starting with the process, let me clarify that this manual method is required to configure the G Suite account to the Outlook application. Also, you need to install the Outlook application on your system to perform this operation. Follow the below instructions to import PST to Google Workspace account:

Step 1. Enable IMAP in Google Workspace Account

1. Log in to your Gmail account and go to the Setting options.
2. Go to Forwarding and POP / IMAP on the menu bar.
3. Check the Enable IMAP option from the IMAP Access section.
4. At the end, click the Save Changes button.

Step 2. Configure Outlook for Google Workspace

1. Open the Outlook application on your system.
2. Go to the File menu and click Add Account.
3. Now, Enter your G Suite account credentials and press the Connect button.
4. Outlook has configured your email account.

You can then forward all your emails to your Google Workspace account from Outlook.

Manual Method Limitations

  • It is a time-consuming process
  • There is a risk of data loss
  • No selective email import option is available
  • It is not promised to maintain the structure and hierarchy of folders

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The Concluding Words

After reading this blog, now everyone can easily import PST file to Google Workspace account. Here we have mentioned the top two methods to import PST to Google Workspace without Outlook or using Outlook application. You can choose any method according to your needs. However, before making a decision, it is advisable to stick to the reliable and tested method.

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