How to Import OLM to Gmail Account Directly

If you still have not found a reliable way to import OLM to Gmail account, relax and read this post. Here we introduce the top 2 methods you can use to import OLM file to Gmail. After reading this blog, you are surely accessing Outlook for Mac email in your Google account.

OLM is a file extension supported by the Mac Outlook email client. It contains all mailbox data and it only accessed on the Mac OS platform only.

However, Gmail does not support OLM file so how can it possible to upload Outlook for Mac emails to Gmail account. If you are facing the same problem, then read the section below where you will get the two ways to accomplish this task.

Top 2 Methods to Import OLM to Gmail Account

There is no direct method available that can be used to import OLM file to Gmail account. However, some indirect ways can be helpful to accomplish this task. In this section, we will provide 2 ways which are:

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Read the below section to know the procedure of both methods.

Automated and Direct Way to Import OLM File to Gmail

Yota OLM file converter tool is a great solution that enables you to directly import OLM to Gmail email account. It is fully secure and automated it takes only a few seconds to complete this upload task.

The software is also very easy to access due to its simplified user interface that any can newbie can understand. No matter you have a technical background or not, this tool will help you to upload Mac Outlook emails without taking the help of technical experts.

With this wizard, user can batch upload multiple emails from Mac Outlook OLM file at the same time. It also provides an option to import only required emails and save space. Plus, the software does not need the installation of Outlook on the system to complete this job.

Steps to Import OLM to Gmail Account Directly are as follows;

Step 1. Launch Yota OLM Conversion Tool and click on the Open tab.

olm converter

Step 2. Go to Email Data Files and select Mac Outlook OLM file.

select olm file

Step 3. Preview data and click Export then pick IMAP from the saving options.

import olm to gmail

Step 4. Now, enter the login details of your Gmail account and hit the Save button.

import olm file to gmail

The import process starts automatically and it takes only a few seconds to finish. After completing the task, you can log in to your Google account and check the uploaded emails.

Features Provided by OLM to Gmail Migration Tool

Direct Migration: The software provides a direct option to import OLM file to Gmail account directly. It will only ask you to enter the valid credentials of your Google account to complete this migration.

Bulk Migration: It allows you to upload multiple emails from Mac Outlook OLM file in a single attempt. Plus, you can add and import any size of OLM file without any data loss.

Filter Option: If you do not want to upload all unnecessary emails from the OLM file, you can apply a filter. You can search emails by a specific keyword and filter by Subject, To, From, CC, Time, Date, etc.

Maintain Data Originality: The software preserves all email properties like from, to, cc, bcc, hyperlink, date, and more. Plus, it maintains the folder structure of emails during the whole import procedure.

Import OLM File to Gmail Account Manually

In order to manually import OLM to Gmail, you need to perform 3 different steps. To achieve this, follow the listed steps.

Step 1. Enable IMAP in Gmail Account

  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Then click the settings icon and select Settings.
  • Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Now, enable IMAP access and click Save Changes.
  • Then, create a label to store the Mac OLM file.

Step 2. Gmail to Mac Outlook Configuration

  • Firstly open the Mac Outlook application
  • Then go to the File menu and select Account.
  • Next, click on Email Options.
  • Now, enter the credentials of your Google account.
  • Click the Add Account button.
  • Your Gmail account is now configured in Outlook for Mac.

Step 3. Import OLM to Gmail Account

  • Open Outlook for Mac and select the folder you want to move OLM emails from.
  • Right-click on this folder, select Move, then select the Copy to Folder option.
  • Then, select the newly created label name and click Copy.
  • Lastly, click the Send/Receive button to import OLM file to Gmail account.

Limitations of Manual Method

The above manual approach also has some limitations, such as:

Lengthy and time-consuming procedure
Difficult for new users as it requires technical knowledge
There is a possibility of data loss if an incorrect step is taken

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Final Thoughts

Uploading Mac Outlook emails to Google account is now possible and easy after reading this blog. Here we have mentioned the two methods to import OLM to Gmail account. The manual approach is tedious and requires technical expertise. Therefore, we also recommend the automated tool that allows you to directly import OLM file to Gmail in just a few seconds.

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