[Solved] How to Extract Attachments from Google Takeout File

Summary: Are you looking for a reliable way to extract attachments from Google Takeout files? Look no further! This guide will show you how to do just that, in just a few quick steps. Whether you need to save attachments from a single file or hundreds of them, this guide will have you extracting attachments without any hassle. The process is simple and only requires you to download Attachment Extractor for extracting the documents out from your own archive.

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Overview of Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a Google service that allows users to export their data from various Google services into a downloadable format. This can include emails, contacts, photos, Drive files, and more. The service allows users to download data from Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Contacts, Photos, and YouTube, Blogger, Google+, Hangouts, Keep, Maps History, Location History, Android. The idea behind it is to give users control over their data and make it easy to back up or move it to another service.

However, while Takeout is great for downloading data, it does not include built-in support for extracting attachments from email messages. This leaves users who need to extract attachments from their Takeout files with third-party application.

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Instant Solution to Extract Attachments from Google Takeout Files

Google Takeout Attachment Extractor extracts all attachments from all files. It can also extract attachments from any desktop email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Eudora. The attachments can be extracted in original format without any data loss. In addition, the tool can also extract inline attachments from the message body of emails from any email application.

This Attachment Extractor is a computer software enables users to extract attachments from any number of emails, either from a live email account or from any stored email data file. It allows selection of specific email attachments for download and save into a new folder on the computer system. The software also extracts inline attachments embedded in the email message body from Google Takeout files. The attachments can be filtered by date, subject, header fields etc. for more accurate and faster results.

Steps to Download all Attachments from Google Takeout Files are as follows:

Step 1. Start by downloading and installing Google Takeout Attachment Extractor on your PC. Click on Open>> Email Data Files>> Google Takeout Files.

extract attachments from google takeout

Step 2. Now, add the files into the panel and preview them. Click on Search icon to apply filters to search specific files.

extract all attachments from google takeout

Step 3. Then, go to Extract tab and select Attachments from the drop-down menu to extract attachments from Google Takeout files.

download all attachments from google takeout

Step 4. Lastly, enter the location to save the files and hit the Save button to download all Google Takeout attachments.

download attachments from google takeout

Why to Choose this Google Takeout Attachment Extractor?

Export Bulk Attachments: This tool lets you extract attachments from Google takeout files maintaining the file structure and folder hierarchy. It is a Windows application that makes it easy to extract multiple attachments from the files without having to open each one and save them individually.

Freedom to Choose File Path: Google Takeout Attachment Extractor is a user-friendly service that enables users to extract attachments from Google account and save them in any location they choose. With this tool, users can quickly and easily locate the files they need without having to navigate through folders or remember specific file names. The software is easy to use and makes saving attachments a breeze.

File Extension Filter: With Google Takeout Attachment Extractor, you can quickly extract a specific type of attachment from your Gmail account. This tool is especially useful if you need to extract a large number of attachments and want to save time by extracting only certain types of files. Supported attachment file types include .zip, .doc/docx, .jpg, .png, .xls/.xlsx, and .pdf.

Free Google Takeout Attachment Extractor: Google Takeout Attachment Downloader helps you to extract attachments from Gmail files. It is a free tool that provides a demo edition for users to understand the graphical interface of the tool. The tool enables you to extract 10 attachments from the files. You can download the tool from the download button and understand the complete tool’s functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Does Google Takeout export attachments?

Answer – Yes. When you take backup of your Gmail account using Google Takeout service, it also download all the attachments along with the emails in .mbox format. So, if you have Thunderbird or any other MBOX supported email client, then only you will be able to access those files. But if you use Google Attachment Extractor, you can download all your attachments in any format you want. There is no need to install any email client after that.

Question – How do I extract attachments from multiple emails?

Answer – Using Mail Attachment Downloader, you can extract all attachments from multiple email in one single process.

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If you have ever struggled to extract attachments from Google Takeout files, you will appreciate this blog post. We discuss the best method to easily download all attachments from Google Takeout with the help of a professional tool named Yota Email Attachment Extractor. This tool helps to easily extract bulk attachments or extract selective attachments. This tool helps you to save and download attachments into PDF and other formats without any issue.

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