How to Convert MSG to CSV in 3 Steps?

Summary: Do you have Outlook MSG files and want to open them into an Excel sheet? If so, then here you will know all about how to convert MSG to CSV file format and manage messages in an Excel sheet. Here we introduce the best MSG Converter Tool that helps you to save all Outlook messages in CSV files.

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Before proceeding with the process, let us know first about the MSG file and then about the benefits of a CSV file.

All About Outlook MSG File

MSG is a file extension used by Microsoft Outlook to store an individual email message, including its content, attachments, and other email metadata such as sender, recipient, subject, and sent date- time.

These files can be created by dragging and dropping an email from Outlook to a folder on your computer, or by choosing the “Save As” option in Outlook and selecting the .msg format. It can be opened in Outlook or other email clients that support MSG format.

MSG files are commonly used for archiving or sharing individual email messages as they preserve the original formatting and content of the email message. They can also be used for legal or regulatory compliance purposes as they provide a way to keep email messages as they were originally received or sent.

Why Need to Convert MSG Files to CSV Format?

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values, a widely used file format for storing and exchanging data. There are many advantages why many users want to convert MSG to CSV file format. Some of the advantages of using CSV files are:

  • Easy to Create: CSV files are easy to create using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Just save your spreadsheet as a CSV file and you’re good to go.
  • Compact Size: These files are very small compared to other file formats, making them easy to store and transfer. This also makes it ideal for use on the web, where smaller file sizes result in faster loading times for users.
  • Easy to Read: CSV files are simple and easy to read, even for those unfamiliar with the format. These can be easily imported into various software applications, making it easy to share data with others.
  • Compatibility with many applications: It is compatible with a wide range of software applications, including spreadsheet programs, databases, and statistical software. This makes it versatile for storing and exchanging data.
  • Multiple Data Type Support: CSV files can store a variety of data types such as text, numbers, and dates. This flexibility makes it suitable for storing different types of data.
  • Easy to Edit: You can easily edit CSV files with a simple text editor. This makes it an ideal choice for updating data quickly without the need for more complex software.

Smart Solution to Convert MSG to CSV File Format

Yota MSG File Converter Tool is a direct, fast, and secure way to convert MSG files to CSV format. This is a powerful utility that offers an option to export multiple Outlook messages in a single attempt. It doesn’t force you to install the Microsoft Outlook application on your system, this is a standalone tool that doesn’t need any external application support. The tool also allows you to quickly convert MSG to PST without Outlook installation.

The software gives you options to add messages which are select files and select folders. If you select the MSG folder, the tool will start converting all messages loaded into that folder at once. Also, it offers an advanced search option that allows you to search emails for a specific keyword.

With this wizard, any new user will be able to convert MSG to CSV file format quickly and effortlessly without any technical skills. It also shows you a full preview of the Outlook messages before conversion once you load the MSG files into the panel.

To start conversion, free download the software and install it on your Windows system. After installation, follow the below-listed steps to achieve this.

Steps to Convert MSG Files to CSV Without Outlook are;

Step 1. Click Open and select Email Data Files then add MSG files or folders.

select msg files or folders

Step 2. Select emails, click Export, and then pick CSV from the several file formats.

Step 3. Now, choose a folder where you want to store the CSV file and click Save.

The process will start immediately and you will get a pop-up message on your screen about the successful conversion within a few seconds. After that, click OK and review the exported CSV file and open it in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Final Words

Exporting Outlook messages to CSV files is useful for managing and sharing. Because of this, many users want to convert MSG to CSV format. To help them, we have introduced the best tool here. This helps you to convert multiple MSG files to CSV file format without Outlook in just a few clicks. Plus, it supports multiple other file formats so that you can convert MSG to PDF and other formats.

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